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Huadian Caofeidian Coal Wharf  Belt Conveyor Lubrication

Brief Introduction:

In Huadian Caofeidian coal wharf , there are more than 30 belt conveyors and 220 rollers. We provided them the lubrication system with 16 lubrication pumps and 400 lube points.


Double-line smart lubrication system, including monitor system, electric pump, filter, two position four-way valve, double-line distributor, pipe, pressure difference switch, tie, etc.

Feedback from Our Customer:

Favorable lubrication has been achieved. Moreover, the remote monitoring and controlling system can monitor the working condition of each lubrication pump and distributor.

Through smart lubrication system, we can inquire:

1.the lubrication of each pump
2.the liquid level of each pump and the working condition of each distributor.
3.the fault information of each pump so that we can save the maintainers’ work.
4.the parameter of each pump

User feedback

Auto lubrication system brand is the independent research and development, customer service staff service attitude is very good, the system running in good condition, is expected to achieve the purpose of recycling and waste oil lubrication.

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