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Centralized Lubrication Application in Beijing Public Transport

0 Dec 19,2017 Industry News

Since 2003, the lubrication systems of Beijing Public Transport operating vehicles have upgraded to automatic lubrication system from original manually operated lubrication system through cooperation with Ningbo Sanlang and Autol. Compared to a manually operated lubrication system, an automatic lubrication system is technically improved so that the assemblies and components on board are safely and reliably lubricated and therefore the overall vehicle technical level is improved.

During operation, with precise time control set by a microcomputer, it may ensure fixed time (6 to 20 h) which may reduce lubrication cycle and even interruption of manually operated lubrication as well as fixed amount (0.13 / 0.2 / 0.4 ml) which is precisely controlled by the metering distributor. In a manually operated lubrication system, the filling amount of grease cannot be reasonably controlled, causing over filling, leakage and missing, resulting in grease waste.An automatic lubrication system may further improve the operating efficiency. 

With consideration of labor cost, an automatic lubrication system is designed with mechanically automated control for working automation, which can effectively save labors by 95%, reduce the downtime loss, save labors and reduce costs, and reduce the costs of production and maintenance.


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