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Importance of central lubrication of wind turbine generator set (WTGS) on WTGS operation

0 Dec 06,2017 Industry News

Over the past decade, with strong support of policy and market, China wind power industry made rapid development. The WTGS operating conditions are very important to the sound development of the whole wind power industry. And, the WTGS lubrication plays a particular important role in the WTGS operation.

A WTGS is a kind of large-scale, high-precision, high-value operating equipment. All the bearings and gears of the wind turbine are under operating conditions with frequent start/stop, high load and continuous operation. And, most of wind power plants are located in remote fields such as in highly mountainous area, wild area, beach, etc., with demanding natural environment causing serious harm to equipment, resulting in very inconvenient maintenance. It is truly necessary to require stricter maintenance (lubrication) of equipment.

For WTGS centralized lubrication, during application at present, there are many bottlenecks of technical application which have restrained the markets and from which urgently need to be made breakthroughs, for example, the WTGS lubrication system is unable to be centrally controlled, monitored and managed; the abnormal lubricating conditions of friction pairs (bearings) are uneasily identified; common grease pumps may occur serious pumping-out interruption under conditions of low atmospheric pressure, high altitude and extremely cold climate; grease is accumulated and deteriorated in bearings; common grease collector has bad performance for grease recovery; and the WTGS is highly contaminated by waste grease.


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